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No More Searching for eCards!
Quio - Desktop Digital eCards sit directly on your desktop [view]. Simply click, type and send.  The card is sent directly to the recipients email inbox!

Artists, Photographers & Designers:
Create your own Desktop Digital program and sell your cards online. Excellent revenue generator for web sites and retail outlets.   More >>
Download Now... Zero obligation. Zero Ads. Zero Annoyance. 100% free and safe to try.

New!Pop Art Pet eCards.Click.

Artist Aldo Becci merges original art into bytes of digital eCards. Click.
Why Quio eCards?
Quio eCards sit directly on your computer's desktop. So, when you need to send more than an email, your personal stationary is sitting right there! There is no need to search online to find a card, log into a site, configure a card and register for the service only to force the recipient to log onto the same site to retrieve their card.   Quio eCards are sent directly to the recipients inbox! Finally, the middle man is gone.
:: When you need to send a quick "thank you", invitation or holiday card, Simply click, type and send.  The card is sent directly to the recipients email inbox!  The card arrives nicely formatted with your message from your return address!

:: Frequently used email address are stored right in a handy drop-down field. You don't have to look up email addresses of people you've sent cards to.

:: Free Every download comes with a number of free uses.  If you're looking for a free eCard right now, download a copy, type your note and send it. Your search for a free card is over!

:: Absolutely no spyware, malware, viruses, annoyances, email follow-up, solicitations, third party add-ons or installs. If you don't like it after you've sent your free eCcards, simply click the uninstall button and it will go to the recycle bin. If you do like it and would like to use it after your free cards have been sent, you can purchase a copy [we encourage that :)]

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