How it works:
Make a collection (if you don't already have one) of digital cards. You can download an example here, here and here.

Choose a plan here.

Skin the application with your graphics and color schemes and market it! That's all there is to it. You deliver your cards to anyone. Put them on CD for sale in retail stores, offer it as a download, or give it away as a promotional item. The options are endless...

:: Absolutely zero technical experience is required. Quio optionially handles everything; including support for your software.

:: Offer your cards in a professional, downloadable, installable application of your own design and card graphics.   If you can design cards or have access to images that you'd like to sell, you're all set.

:: Photographers and artist: If you have images, or would like to make some images, we can put a package together for you.

How do you make money?
:: There are a host of plans and features in the software.

- Sell cards by the piece

- Sell by subscription (year, month, week etc..)

- Advertise in your software! You dynamically set a page with any content that is viewed each time a card is sent.

- Advertise in the recipients email. Works with online ad programs like google.

- Publish your work to sites like amazon.com

- Publish your software on CDs and sell to retail stores.

:: You can also give the software away to attract more visitors to your site or as a value added product for your customers.

:: Choose a plan here to see what works for you.

If you're interested in starting a program with your own cards, contact distribution with your ideas and we'll forward an SDK for the technically savvy, or a spec sheet pertinent to your needs.

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