Quio Passwords is an application that sits on your computer's desktop and holds all of your password information.  Your data files are encrypted with a proprietary encryption formula to prevent hackers from stealing your data.

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Never lose a password again!  All your user names and passwords are in one secure, encrypted place.

Remember only one key to access all your user names and passwords.

Protect your identity from theft! All your user names and passwords sit encrypted where only you can access the information.

A different encryption/decrytion scheme is used with each install Plus! additional anti-hacking features.

Inexpensive, light-weight and easy to use! Almost zero learning curve!

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Quio Passwords is based on the hyper-intuitive Quio Platform which takes the hassles out of most software programs.

Quio uses a distinctive Passive Thinking process that runs in the background to intuitively maneuver the program data while your busy doing other things. A prime feature is its ability to naturally save the data youre working with and put you back in the same spot should your computer crash, or you shut down before saving. The Quio Platform appears simple on the surface to make your life easy; under the hood however, is a completely different story.

Quick Facts:

1. The software is 100% free to try without any gotchas, advertisements or annoyances. Feel free to live a little and install a version from the download link above [Windows users only please].

2. After downloading and installing, try the software to get a feel. There's virtually no learning curve and plenty of intuitive help the first time used.

3. If you like it you can purchase a copy. If you dont, you can send it to the recycle bin and never have to see it again :(

4. The software is FREE to try for seven days.

5. Quio passwords is only $14.95 (USD) and is a one time fee.

6. Quio T-Shirts are still available in some sizes. See "Settings > Help" in the program.

7. This is what the above information looks like to a hacker. Only you can view your data in plain text.

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As always, the Quio Family looks forward to your thoughts about the software. If you would like to harangue, preach or vent, please do so at mythoughts@quio.me.

Thanks for trying Quio Digital Paper Products Enjoy!

The easy way to protect your identity!

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